Dennis Guy Franklin DENI

In memory of my Deni

When I was young and running free
I use to do lots of things

From the days at the movies with good ole Dad
To the days playing ball

Were others watched and cheered

But those days are gone now

As I sit in this cell only to remember those times
And when I think ahead I feel a pain the same pain

I’ve had began so long ago

From when I was twelve and on my way to jail

Only to spend many years ahead of nothing
But Jail and the same ole Pain

That’s been haunting ever since

So I can only think will this ever


“Deni” 95

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Days and nights
Rain and snow
My mind is turning like a storm

Crying eyes
Burning heart
Oh how much I hurt

All my thoughts are of love
A love that clouds my mind
Fall of darkness
From the reality of touching my soul

Why can’t I just be held?
From another’s love
From ones heart to mine

When all I seem to find
Is a pulling of my heart?

Deeper and deeper
Into this life of pain
“Deni” 95

Take me away
Away from all the pain
To a far away place
Were I may be free

Free from all life’s pains
Were many rome running free

With no tears that fall
But these tears keep fallen from my eyes

Cause this place I think of Seems to only be a dream

As I find myself
Stuck in a world
of pure hate

And everlasting pain


I remember a time
A time I once new life
Had a girl I loved so much

She showed me a light of hope
I fell towards that light of hope
But soon fell to the ground

She touched my hand
And said these words

I love you

Please don’t go back to the door
That very door of that vary life
I always fall back to in full force

Leaving behind
Anything that
Is full of life

Oh why does this
Keep on happening to me

“Deni” 95


As I sit here in this cell
My mind just keeps on spinning
And my heart just wants to scream

As I find myself
Longing for freedom
From this hell I seem to be in

But I can’t seem to get out
When all I want From this life
Is someone to love?
And to be loved in return

But all I seem to find
Is myself drowning in my sorrows
Oh God please take them away

“Deni” 95