If you ever get a suspicious message from someone you really don’t know
and it contains an attachment, either just delete the message or come
find me. I don’t care what I am doing, inturrupt me and I will take a
look. If you do get an attachment from a sender you think you trust,
look for these things before opening it.

Does the attachment have a double extention e.g. somefile.txt.scr or
pricelist.doc.pif? If so DON’T CLICK IT.

If the attachment is a .zip file, look closely at the file inside. I
have seen cases where the .zip file contains something like
pricelist.doc .exe. You don’t notice the spaces between the
doc and exe and BAM, they got you.

Pictures of a captured osama bin laden are not going to come to you in
an e-mail message.

Spammers and virus writers are very creative these days and can easily
make a dangerous message look like a trustworthy one. I am sure that
everybody is already aware of these items, but I just wanted to write a
quick reminder to be careful when opening e-mail attachments. If you
have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.