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John M. Howe

Attorney John M. Howe

AV Rated Attorney

Gordon Rowse

Keith has been helping to solve our computer hardware and software problems for over 10 years. The types of problems he has had to tackle are outlined as follows:

  • Diagnosis and repair Internet interface issues with multiple computers, printers, and scanners in a home office environment. In some cases the modem was the issue. Other cases involved hardware and software in the office.
  • Complete data recovery of one computer that was hi-jacked from a ransom ware site. That involved a unique technique that he managed to develop to circumvent the hackers computer lock and get access to our data.
  • Frequently our computers have experienced Windows hiccups that bring down our systems. He has been able to diagnose and fix them every time.  He has been able to do this both on-site and remotely.
  • We’ve asked his advice on purchasing various hardware and software and have found that his recommendations have proven very satisfactory.
  • One noticeable trait that he exhibits is his ability to listen to your problem, listen to the behavior of the problem, listen to what you think the problem is and then formulate a plan of action that invariably fixes the issue.
  • He has never shown frustration or lost patience while working with us and works with just about anything electronic.
  • He has lots of experience in Web and business card design as well IT support including computer troubleshooting and maintenance.

Keith really enjoys working in the digital environment and, in our opinion, he is excellent at that.

We hope that the above helps you to make an informed decision about Keith.  It’s a pleasure to work with him and to share this information with you.


Gordon Rowse & Diana DiMeo

Diane DiMeo