Keith R. Franklin

Information Techonology Specialist


2014 - Present

Vision Database Systems

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2010 - 2013

Locus Traxx

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2001 - Present


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About Me

I have a good foundation in information technology with over 20 years of expertise. I use it to troubleshoot system software and hardware, create and build wireless networks, install Windows and Mac-based platforms, and deliver training. These services are available to everyone, from a single-person home office to small corporations. I employ a dynamic, proactive problem-solving and preventative approach that helps me to see technological issues as solutions waiting to be discovered. I strive to inspire individuals to feel at ease with technology and to discover different various techniques to do so regularly. Your relief when I repair your computer troubles or empower you with new computing abilities and tools that profoundly change how you utilize technology gives me happiness.


2003 - 2005

Collins College

2002 - 2003

Collins College


Erie Community College


Photoshop 85%
WordPress 80%
Illustrator 84%
MS SQL 82%
Html & CSS 85%
Hardware & Software Support 94%
System Installation & Maintenance 97%
Troubleshooting 97%
Operating Systems 95%